Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Review - Simply Charmed

Cricut Cartridge Review - Simply Charmed
Rating ***** (five stars)
Ease of use (beginner - intermediate)

So I think that the Simply Charmed cartridge is probably my second favorite Cricut cartridge that I have, and there are quite a few so it will take me forever to review them all.  I love the diversity of Simply Charmed, but most of all I love that it has something special for every season that you can use on scrapbooking projects, card layouts, and home decor items.
Another really fun thing about this cartridge is the fact that it has a number of "couple" cuts for boy and girls.  So, if you maybe wanted to do a wedding or anniverary card with penguins or even scarecrows, you have boy and girl cuts for both of those themes.  They also have the more traditional bride and groom that you could go with, but it's so much more fun to do animals. 

This little guy, believe it or not, is the groom from Simply Charmed.  I created the bagpipes on my Gypsy by finagling items from the George and Basics Shapes cartridge and hand piecing the kilt and hat.  My husband is a bagpiper, so this was a fun card to make for him for St. PatricksDay.  I Designed the paper myself as a free digital file on my sister site
The cartridge also has a number of excellent cuts for birthdays as well.  Much like the Create A Critter cartridge, Simply Charmed also has some great accesory items that you can do along with the die cuts.  Due to the diversity, ease of use, and sheer number of AWESOME cuts on this cartridge, I gave it a five star rating.  Simply Charmed has great beginner to intermediate cuts to piece.  The cuts are not too super small and most of them are very easy to figure out, so if you are new to Cricut this is a good cartridge for you to either start with or get as a second or third addition to your die cut inventory. 

Many of the simply charmed cuts already come with faces on them, but if you have a tool like the Gypsy, you can easily remove the face and ad your own on with a hand drawing or face stamp.  Here is an example of a fun pie card that I drew a face on and an easy tutorial on how to draw similar faces yourself.

I love using Simply Charmed for Christmas cards as the cuts are seriously cute and fun for holidays.  Here are the great Santa cards that I made recently for my Christmas in July project.

To be honest the reason I ran out and got this cartridge was because of ONE diecut that I saw and I absolutely had to have.  Here he is.
Oh and he's on an action wobble too, so he's AWESOME!!!!!  This orange sparkle paper is just perfect for his hair.

In closing, the Simply Charmed cartridge is simply amazing and can be used any time of the year.  Here are a couple more great projects that I've used this wonderful cartridge on.


  1. Beautiful cards. Thanks for such a wonderful review. I have owned this cart for some time and never used it. Thanks to you I will be pulling it out.


  2. Following you on Pintrest now, hope you join our Project Pinterest group so we can see what you make. Enjoyed the face drawing tutorial, haven't heard of the white Pen Touch that you use so will have to look into that! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Thanks for letting me know about your blog, I am your newest follower and hope you will come follow me too!

    Simply charmed is one of my favs too!

  4. LOVE the face drawing tutorial! Can't wait to try it. The faces make your cards really stand out.