Thursday, July 26, 2012

Princess Party Check List

Ok here's what I've created so far for my daughter's princess party.  Just in case any of you ever plan one these are some sweet ideas.

For the game I'm doing "Pin The Kiss On The Frog."  This seriously turned out cute.  You COULD use your Cricut for it, but I really wanted to draw a cartoon frog on 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cut everything out by hand.  I seriously love to draw, so I rotate between Cricut love and drawing love...which explains the two different blogs.  :o) for Cricut love and for my love of digital stamps.  I even made some lilly pad blind folds out of cardstock and ribbon.

I definitely utilized my Xyron sticker maker and found some AWESOME Disney princess images to print in color and make stickers out of.  I used a TON of Studio G clear glitter on pretty much every decoration.  This turned out pretty awesome on the stickers.  I know, I know you NEED to see pictures.  I'll post some once I get all of the decorations up and will probably do a video on it too.

I made little Disney Princess coloring books on the computer with free coloring images that I found on I printed the covers on white cardstock in color and put some more glitter on the images to bling them up a bit.  They turned out great!

I did make the happy birthday banner on my Cricut using the Princess Party cartridge.  I made the 3d shoe on here too, but Meghan thought it was a real shoe and put it on and broke it......I might still use it.  :o)  It looked really cute on her little foot.  I also cut out a princess from Once Upon A Princess and put some white and pink baker's twin on her to hang up as a decoration.

I made chinese paper lanters to stirng white Christmas lights through out of 12 x 12 scrapbook papers and Studio G glitter.  :o) (remember it's pretty much on everything)

I created some large rosettes out of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and white and pink bakers twine to hang them with.

The princess wands turned out awesome.  I used wooden cake dowel rods for the wands and glued ribbon to them with Scott's Quick Dry Glue.  I glued flowers to the top of each wand and added Studio G glitter to the petals.  SO CUTE!

I designed and printed out Princess For A Day certificates to give to all the little girls.  I rolled them up and tied cute yellow ribbon around each one.

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