Friday, August 31, 2012

Create A Critter 2 --- SOOOOO EXCITED

Ok so if you've followed my blog for very long then you know my ALL TIME favorite cartridge is Create A Critter.  A coworker told me today that they are coming out with Create a Critter 2 and I am SO EXCITED!!!  I really hope I'm not disappointed with it since I love the first one so much.  I suppose sequel cartridges are a lot like sequels to movies that you really love.  How can it possibly outshine your expectations of the first one??? 

Wild Card 2 was like this for me.  I was slightly disapointed with this cartridge because it was just too similar to the first Wild Card.  It's like they took the same images and just created new fonts. From what I can tell, you will partially have this issue with Create a Critter 2. 

Though the artist used some of the same characters in Create a Critter 2, the designers changed them into different poses and added AWESOME dress up clothes for them.  Right now a lot of us just use different cartridges, like Paper Doll Dress Up, to add clothes to our Critters.  Now Create a Critter 2 will combine all of this fun into one cartridge.  How awesome is that!!!!

Here are the pictures that I've found so far of this sweet new cartridge  that will be "officially" released in around 2 weeks.  Though I hear that some JoAnns stores are secretly keeping them behind the counter and may sell them to a savvy Cricut user if asked about it.

Check out CRICUT for their challenge and some Cricut Craft Room freebies.


  1. TFS!!!Create A Critter is one of my favorite Carts!

  2. Love this cart. Planning to use mine today!


  3. I've been hearing of a few people finding this cart at their local Joann stores ahead of the Sept 6 release! No luck in my area, though.