Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pain in the @## project

I am so glad I am done with these vases. My future sis in law wanted these for their wedding table this weekend. Guess they are putting their flowers in them. I made one for my brother in law for Christmas. The fruits of the spirit are on them with vinyl, which I know is hard to tell from the picture. I was having a heck of a time with my vinyl cutting right. Thinking that I need to replace my blade, but I FINALLY got them done. I used Birthday Bash.....and quite a few more cartridges. Normally I am much better at remembering which ones. I'm just happy I didn't throw the darn things against the wall and bust them. The humid weather today also made vinyl application a bad idea. :::sigh::::


  1. Very nice job on your vases...I understand what you mean though, I have been doing a lot of vinyl projects lately and I have been going crazy with some of it being a pain :)


  2. Julie I think they came out real nice. I am sure your future sister-in-law will appreciate them