Monday, April 15, 2013

Vinyl Wall Decor - My Cricut Craft Room Design Team Post

Hello Cricut Chirp followers!  I'm excited to announce that I am now on the design team for the My Cricut Craft Room blog.  I'm so excited to share my love of Cricut crafts with all of you!  If you are a first time visitor, make sure to click the follow link on the top of this page to stay up to date on all of my inspiring crafts.

For today's project, I made two different vinyl wall decor cuts for my 3 year old daughter's princess themed room.  I used Cricut brand lavender vinyl from my stash.  I used the Wall Decor and More and Princess Party cartridges.  Both images were cut at 5" with a blade depth of 4 and 3 on both speed and pressure.  I used a multi cut of 2 as well. 

I ran out of Cricut brand transfer tape, so I used my Glad Press n' Seal to transfer my vinyl to the wall.  First I removed the excess vinyl.  If you can't do it with your fingers you can use an exacto knife to remove the smaller bits inside the letters. 

Once all of the excess vinyl is removed (as seen above) place a piece of either Cricut transfer tape, or the Glad Press n' Seal over your die cut image (as seen below).

You can use either a Popsicle stick, a credit card, or your Cricut mat scraper to go over the letter to ensure that they stick to your transfer tape.  Carefully go over each individual letter.  Starting at one one corner start to peal back your white backing leaving the vinyl only on the tape.  You can wipe your surface down with some alcohol wipes before hand to ensure there is no dust there that would prevent the vinyl from sticking.  Make sure the surface is clean and dry before attempting to adhere the vinyl.  Below is a picture of the Press n' Seal as it was lined up on the wall.

Now you'll want to carefully go over each letter again with the same tool that you used above (Popsicle stick, credit card etc.) to ensure the vinyl adheres to the wall.  Next, carefully pull off the transfer material starting and one corer and going across slowly to make sure each letter is attatched.  At this point I go over the letters again and rub them against the wall to make doubly sure that they are secured well.  I find some brands of vinyl are much stickier than others, so it's good to go over your vinyl again.

Wall Decor and More

Princess Party

I hope you enjoyed learned a little more about how I love to use vinyl.  I hope you give it a try if you haven't yet.